BC-BOND P, is premium, mediums strength and non-beryllium

Nickel-Chromium alloys for metal ceramic restoration system.

It’s three profit properties, First, create a tenacious light oxide layer.

Second, provide excellent melting and casting fluidity for margin and consistent castings every time.

Third, appear high yield strength and great elongation, clinical and chemical durabilities.


Technical Date :

Net Density 8.2g/cm3±5%

Solidus temperature 1304±50

Liquid temperature 1401±50

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 14±0.5X10-6XK-1

Yield Strength Pp0.2,Mpa 385Mpa±10%

Elongation 20%(70% or more)


Ni-65.5%, Cr-20.3%, Mo-9.5%, others


Packing : 1000g


주문단위 : 1000g